With a focus on searching close to home, we usually find a new suitable job while the employee is still employed.




Get comprehensive information on outplacement and inverse headhunting at KARENT.


KARENT advises specialists, clerks and assistants within the framework of professional outplacement. The options range from individual outplacement to group outplacement to a transfer company or transfer agency.

The process corresponds to KARENT's tried and tested outplacement approach. As a rule, the search is focused on a job close to home. Vacancies in this area usually attract a large number of applicants. A key factor in the success of the counselling is therefore professional self-presentation and targeted preparation for interviews, as well as approaching as many employers as possible.

If you are released and fully available, you will usually have your first interviews with potential employers after two months. The placement period depends strongly on your qualification and the market development in your particular field of activity. It is typically between three and six months.